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Psychobilly Rose & Skeleton-Hand Hair Accessory Pinch Clip Barrette

Psychobilly Rose & Skeleton-Hand Hair Accessory Pinch Clip Barrette
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This Rose and Skeleton Hand Hair Clip is made-to-order here at Retro Kitten Apparel by Lindsay Dominguez. These hair clips are hand-made with several different sinthetic roses, and top notch, weather-resistant, clear glue that will endure rain, sleet, snow, and wind. These flowers are attached to 50's style alligator clips that have long flat prongs on top and bottom with a connector bar at the end for sturdiness. These clips open with a hinged pinch top, and clamp down smoothly on all hair types comfortably. Standard Measurements: width: 2 1/2", length: 3" (clip shown above).

Each hair clip is hand-made so they take extra time to ship. If you need your clip(s) by a certain time please email me at, or call me at 805-234-6159. I will review your request within 24 hours, advise if it is possible, give you an estimated shipping date, and let you know whether there will be an extra charge for faster shipping.

We note many other places are selling similar clips so I'd like to assure you that these clips are made with top quality materials and are guaranteed to last with normal wear!